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free delivery imageYou can now order food online in Cotteridge. Try our online website which contains all our takeaway menu. We offer free deliveries to all surrounding areas within a 3-mile radius in Cotteridge. We are situated on Watford Rd, Birmingham B30 1JB  and offer all our customers fast food delivery. You can now order your favourite pizzas, burgers, kebabs, southern fried chicken online and get fast free home delivery on orders over £10.

Here at Chicken.com we are constantly improving our service and quality to give our customers a better experience which is why we are now proud to offer this fantastic online ordering website. You can even pay online and get your favourite pizza, kebab, southern fried chicken etc. delivered to your home in Cotteridge, Birmingham.

We at Chicken.com are amongst the top fast food takeaways and restaurants in Cotteridge offering great fast food at affordable prices. Order your favourite fast food online in Cotteridge, at Chicken.com. Remember to order your takeaway online to get up to date prices and great meal deals. We do home delivery to make it easier for you. We specialise in pizzas, burgers, southern fried chicken, kebabs and much more. Please see our online menu for more details.

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